Ian Grady


Ian GradyFrom Waynesville, North Carolina, Ian Grady is already familiar with what it is like living in a small mountain town. He came to Boone to attend Appalachian State University and made it his new home.

His interest in residential construction began after working with a local contractor in his home town. He said it was a great experience that helped him gain a basic understanding of construction and also taught him some very important skills.

In this field, Ian loves the gratification that comes with working hard and seeing a project come together. He enjoys working alongside skilled carpenters who are honest and dedicated to their work. Having this type of team environment has encouraged him to learn new skills and gain new experiences. All of which he has applied to our projects, helping them move along smoothly.

When he isn’t at work, one of Ian’s favorite pastimes is playing the guitar. This is something he’s done since he was young. He also enjoys mountain biking at Rocky Knob and backpacking during the summer. In the winter, he likes skiing. He’s been out west to Colorado and Utah to ski before and hopes to take another trip soon.