Katie McMurray

Office Administrator

Katie McMurrayKatie, a Charlotte native, first moved to Boone in 1996 to attend Appalachian State for a teaching degree. She successfully got her degree and also met her husband, Jey. She began teaching for 4 years until she decided to stay home to help raise her 3 children. She is a very proud mother of one son and two girls, who are now in Middle and High School.

One fun fact that Katie shared is that the one thing she enjoys most is the adventure in traveling. Katie has set foot in eight different countries and hopes to continue adding to this number.  Her passion for adventure, her ability to multitask, and her loving nature are all attributes that contribute greatly to the 4 Forty Four team.

Wearing multiple hats, you can find Katie in our main office answering phones, greeting people, and working on many different projects to help ensure the operations of 4 Forty Four run smoothly and efficiently.

Katie recently stated, “I enjoy the working environment at 4 Forty Four. The people are genuine, kind, and fun.” These are very kind words and a mutual feeling by the team. She has been such a great addition to the team and a tremendous asset.