Kevin & Lillie Troyer

Kevin & Lillie Troyer

Kevin and Lillie Troyer

With a goal of starting a business they would like to work for if seeking employment, and a commitment to community, Kevin and Lillie Troyer founded 4 Forty Four in 2001. They consider it an honor of a lifetime to work together and co-manage a business. 

Whether it is a relationship with a client, team member, subcontractor, or others within their circle of influence, Kevin and Lillie desire to facilitate positive, life-enriching experiences for all they come in contact with.

Entrepreneurship is in both Kevin & Lillie’s family heritage and both worked in small businesses their families owned from an early age. 

They feel incredibly grateful to be entrusted with 4 wonderful children and enjoy spending quality time together as a family.

Kevin Troyer

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Kevin serves as C.E.O. and President of 4 Forty Four. His detail-oriented work-style combined with his visionary passion make him a unique and gifted leader. 

Kevin oversees the business, facilitates relational care, writes and implements strategic plans, and mentors & empowers others. In his free time, Kevin also enjoys reading, songwriting, poetry, playing guitar, art and hiking.

Lillie Troyer

Lillie serves as Vice President of Interior Design, Marketing, and Client Experiences. Her joyful spirit lights up the office and job-sites she visits.  

Lillie specializes in branding, marketing, communications, business development, and strategic processes. She has over 20 years of experience in business management. She loves hosting & engaging with clients and being a part of creating safe beautiful spaces for memories to be made & relationships to thrive.

Lillie enjoys being outdoors in the beautiful High Country, running, reading, cooking, baking, and hosting people in her home.


The Troyer Family