Wellness Initiative at 4 Forty Four

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At the heart of the Wellness Initiative at 4 Forty Four are our Core Values. We seek to create a work environment that allows individuals to thrive personally and professionally, spilling over into their family’s lives and the community at large. Using our Core Values as our guide, we are building resources, processes, and policies that will serve our team with the same guiding principles we use to serve our clients and community.

Core Values

  1. We facilitate positive, life-enriching experiences for our clients and team.
  2. We authentically steward the time, energy and resources required to accomplish what we are called to do.
  3. We will administer our projects with the processes and systems we have developed. We will then confidently place our personal names, and the reputation of the company, on the project.
  4. We commit to the team, and the individual, the team is built upon.
  5. We daily seek and find joy in simple and ordinary things.
  6. We value relational capital over financial gain.
  7. We choose to “be” what we hope for – in our community, nation and planet.

From the start of employment with 4 Forty Four, we place our focus on building a relationship and understanding the individual’s joy and journey. Each person who applies for a position at 4 Forty Four completes a survey that asks deep, relational questions such as, “What are three ways to show humility on the jobsite?” and, “When was the last time you were mindful in a situation or conversation?” This process is the introduction to our culture and our emphasis on filling our lives with life-enriching experiences as individuals and within a community.

4 Forty Four team members on a service trip to Eastern NC to assist with hurricane relief.

In addition to finding a suitable mentor and supervisor for each team member, we focus on creating opportunities for our team members to become involved in our community service projects and community groups. We use our Life in Order Document as a springboard for helping individuals take time to consider various areas of their lives that need focus and make measurable steps to reach attainable goals, both professionally and personally. Every member of our team has a mentor and walks through this exercise annually to reflect and set intentions.

4 Forty Four has worked over the years to provide various resources and benefits for our team to build each other up from multiple angles. Not only do we source affordable options for various insurance policies, we also have a collection of community connections such as chiropractic care, counseling, volunteer opportunities, and a Life-long Learning Initiative. The Wellness Coordinator collaborates with the Supervisor and the individual to determine areas of desired growth. We then connect the team member to the resources we have in order to come alongside and support each person’s journey and passion to be what we hope for – in our community, nation and planet.

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