Our Philosophy

Mission Statement

Build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and community as we craft, renovate, and maintain homes and commercial buildings.

Vision Statement

To be known in the community as a reputable custom builder that creates quality, attractive, and sustainable buildings. We will employ honest and motivated professionals that honor their craft and authentically serve.

Core Values

  • We facilitate positive, life-enriching experiences for our clients and team.
  • We authentically steward the time, energy and resources required to accomplish what we are called to do.
  • We administer our projects with the processes and systems we have developed. We will then confidently place our personal names, and the reputation of the company, on the project.
  • We commit to the team, and the individual, the team is built upon.
  • We daily seek and find joy in simple and ordinary things.
  • We value relational capital over financial gain.
  • We choose to "be" what we hope for – in our community, nation, and planet.

Building a Better Way

There are many aspects of our business philosophy that reflects our commitment to Building a Better Way:

  • We believe homes are the backdrop to the most special moments in your life, so we take great pride in being a part of your home’s journey.
  • We believe commercial projects are an opportunity to build up our community—because we love Western North Carolina just as much as you do.
  • In all projects, we build to fit the mountain lifestyle and work in harmony with the environment because we believe sustainability is not a destination but an ever-evolving practice.
  • Our commitment to excellence and transparent process puts clients first as we walk through projects together.
  • We are a client-centered firm that puts you and your project goals above all else. We do this by getting to know you. Through relationship, we uncover your goals and find a path to achieve them—together.


With a rich history steeped in local family-run businesses, Kevin & Lillie believe relationships matter. You’ll see this woven through our business philosophy and in our mission, vision and core values—and also through the actions we take in our day-to-day. Whether it’s a relationship with a client, with subcontractors, among our team or with others who cross our path, we desire to facilitate positive, life-enriching experiences for all we come in contact with. We commit to daily seek and find joy in the simple and ordinary things, to value relational capital over financial gain, and to be what we hope for—in our community, nation, and planet.

Team Care

Our people are the very best part of 4 Forty Four. We believe we can’t take care of others if we are not authentically caring for ourselves and each other well.

Together, we strive to reflect the Building a Better Way value in the way we interact and work as a team. We are a company that pursues excellence and also recognizes our need for our fellow man. One of the ways this is practically applied is by inviting each other into and participating in our individual and collective paths to maturity.

Our 4th Watch Initiative allows us the opportunity to give back and serve our community together. We collaborate with team members, sub-contractors, clients and many others in our circle of influence to identify and implement acts of service within our community.

One of the ways our business philosophy is practically applied is extending profit-sharing to our team. We have found that inviting our team to share in the abundance of our collective efforts awakens high-level creative thought and trust in a way that transcends an hourly-wage mindset. Upper Management is given the tools they need to make informed decisions through transparency and an open-book accounting model. Each team member has a vested interest in the successful implementation of each project.

Our staff wellness initiative focuses on the holistic wellbeing of our team members mental, emotional, and physical health.

We set annual corporate goals to ensure we harmoniously work towards the same objectives. Our two most recent annual goals are:

To become a holistic team of individuals traveling our path to maturity with joy and authenticity

To host safe places for our team and circle of influence to explore and model maturity. Our job sites will become our home, as we authentically create a home for our residential and commercial clients

The Bottom Line

We invite you to engage with and be a part of the implementation of our business philosophy.

We desire to facilitate positive, life-enriching experiences for our team and clients. Our positive culture is a reflection of many years of hard work and sacrifice. We invite you to benefit from and contribute to the sustainable health of our organization.

Our mission is to build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and community as we craft, renovate, and maintain homes and commercial buildings.

We would be honored to partner with you in Building a Better Way.