Sustainable business practices are rooted deep in the foundation of 4 Forty Four. We believe sustainability is not a destination but an ever-evolving practice.

We build homes to fit the mountain lifestyle and work in harmony with the environment by focusing on each home’s relationship with the sun, topography, and climate in order to create sustainably functional spaces for you and your family.

"As Builders, it is our honor and responsibility to care for the land that sustains us; to preserve the environment for our children and generations to come. It is our hope that every home we build is a true harmonious expression of the earth and our commitment to it."
- Kevin & Lillie Troyer

Here are a few of the ways we’ve committed to sustainable business practices:

Building Sciences

Each project is reviewed by our Building Sciences Manager who focuses on the relationship between the structure and nature. Our goal is to create something that will live in harmony with nature, not in competition of it. We study and stay current on the latest trends and technologies to ensure your home is built with sustainable methodologies. Our holistic integration of tried and true methods combined with new technology ensures your home is built with competence, quality, and care for the planet in mind—both for you and future generations.

Construction Waste Management

We have a specific strategy in-place to reduce job-site trash and waste sent to the landfill from each project. This strategy includes repurposing organic waste, composting, and recycling. We are happy to report that our job-site trash sent to landfills has reduced by 60% in the last 18 months.

4 Forty Four Office

Our office is 100% powered by solar energy to reduce our carbon footprint and our zero emission Teslas are charged by solar panels placed on the roof of our office. We use plant-based printer paper and ink, and when you walk into our office, you will be offered boxed water instead of bottled water, or you can fill your water bottle with mountain spring water from our refillable water station.

These are just a few ways we’re building a better way with sustainable business practices.

Solar Panels on the 4 Forty Four offices.
The 4 Forty Four Tesla plugged in.