Chris Eller

4 Forty Four Properties
Broker-in-Charge, G.R.I.

Chris Eller

Chris believes in the law of attraction, the belief that a person draws into themselves that which they give out—and that abundance is the fruit of gratefulness. With this tenet as the guiding principle of Chris’s life, he nurtures relationships with honesty, integrity and competency. Chris knows that trust is the cornerstone of all successful relationships and without trust a meaningful relationship with substance and enjoyment will not come to full maturity.  

Chris’s life journey first brought him to 4 Forty Four as the 4th employee of our growing construction company in 2003. As the housing market collapsed in 2008 and affected so many businesses and people, 4 Forty Four and Chris were no exception. In 2010, Chris began focusing on managing his long-term investment properties and freelance carpentry as he weathered the storm of the economic downturn. In 2015, he began brokering real estate transactions. During this time he gained valuable experience in all real estate services including property research and availability, land purchasing, buying and selling of homes, and consultation.

After brokering real estate transactions for several years Chris began looking for ways to bring more value to his clients. Chris wanted to provide a real value proposition that he currently was not able to provide.

As 4 Forty Four made plans to implement a streamlined land purchase and homebuilding option it became clear that Chris with his Real Estate experience could make this option a more holistic integrated experience for clients. The collaboration with
4 Forty Four Properties was born to offer a streamlined process to answer virtually all of the clients real estate/construction questions.  

Chris has lived in Boone since 1996, married his beautiful bride Jill in 2012 and is father to two step-children Owen and Grace and his daughter Catie. Chris enjoys playing tennis, jogging, mountain biking and home improvement projects around the house.