BPI- Certified Building Analyst and Envelope Professional, Boone NC

Posted by 4 Forty Four

Kevin Troyer, owner and President of 4 Forty Four, has completed the necessary training to become certified as a Professional Building Analyst with additional accreditation in Envelope training.

BPI (Building Performance Institute) is an independent, not-for-profit organization that sets the national standards for residential energy efficiency and retrofit work. Individuals are trained, tested and certified to BPI’s nationally recognized standards in order to improve the health, safety, comfort and durability of existing homes.

BPI utilizes a house-as-a-system approach to evaluate the energy efficiency of existing homes and provide an overview of the house as a whole. A BPI certified professional would look at all of the systems in a home and how they relate and affect the occupants. The goal is to go beyond a traditional energy audit and provide specific solutions to permanently solve the problems instead of treating the symptoms. This can have a long-term effect on the energy use of a home and also an immediate one on the overall well-being of the people that currently live there.

To read more about BPI, their house-as-a-system approach, what to expect during an evaluation and how this approach can dramatically improve the energy efficiency of a home please visit their website at:


To read an article about Kevin’s experience with the BPI certification course and a more in-depth explanation of the program, please click on the Blowing Rock News link below:


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