Project Management and the Production Team

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4 Forty Four Project Management, at its core, is the act of orchestrating the client’s experience while simultaneously coordinating the flow of work. Our Production Teams work alongside the Estimating, Architecture, and Interior Design Pillars, moving in as the lead of the Production phase of the construction process.

Once Estimating is completed and the contract is signed, our Production Team comes in with the nuts and bolts of the project, such as creating scopes of work, engaging our network of vendors and subcontractors. The Project Manager acts as the conductor of the extended team of vendors and subcontractors and serves as the point of contact during the entire production timeframe.

Our Production Team Model   

  • The Project Manager acts as the client’s direct line of communication, including ongoing budget maintenance, developing and overseeing the timeline, establishing scopes of work for each team engaging in construction.
  • Our Field Superintendents support the Project Managers with budget management and scope of work. Superintendents also provide regular on-site supervision of the daily work progress.
  •  In-House Crews provide labor and skill to set high standards and efficiency in construction on site. Between the Project Manager, Field Superintendent, and In-House Crews, we have many representatives of 4 Forty Four on any given job site to ensure progress and quality control.
  • Alongside our In-House Crews, Key Sub-contractors are led by the Project Manager and Superintendent to round out the production team. These are a select group of vetted subcontractors that we work with on a regular basis and have a positive and productive working relationship with.

Over the years, we have developed key communication tools that allow our clients to be well-informed and involved in decision making. These tools allow our clients to not feel burdened with the minutia of the daily activities surrounding the construction of their home.

Our tools and processes cultivate a positive and enriching client experience while bringing their dreams into reality. Three of the most important tools are our Timeline, Weekly Budget Reports, and Selection Sheets. These tools provide Peace of Mind and Clarity of Thought for our clients and Production Team alike.

Production Timeline

The Timeline serves as the helm of the ship, which governs and steers the project. From permitting and site work to final trim out and finishes of the com

pleted home, our Production Team shares a streamlined timeline with the client through cloud-based software to keep the client informed of current and upcoming steps in the building process.

Weekly Budget Reports

Each week, the Project Manager and Superintendent approve all purchases and bills, coordinating with the Office Manager to update the Budget Report. Whether clients live locally or at a distance, they are kept up to date on the use of funds and progress of the project.

Selection Sheets

Custom homes mean lots of decisions. We make selections simple with our cloud-based Selection Sheet, which is built by our Interior Design team. This guides clients through all the options and choices they will make throughout the project. This sheet is shared between the Client and the Production Team, keeping everyone on the same page and up to date on all choices and preferences.

Whether the project is a renovation, new home, or commercial construction, our teams and processes seek to facilitate positive, life-enriching experiences for our clients and team while authentically stewarding the time, energy and resources required to accomplish what we are called to do.

Author:    Ross Napier

Executive Manager, 4 Forty Four

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